SMS Secure


SMS Secure is a student university project.

SMS Secure is the only corporate SMS security application currently under trial and development . The reason no one has it is? As it's very expensive and very costly to run but SMS secure solves that problem and many more.

What it does

In the corporate world especially in Australia there is no SMS security applications available for company smartphone. Instead companies regardless how big or small such as BHP Billiton and Woolworths Limited only collect all emails sent and received, they are encrypted, logged and stored regardless of if the user deletes or hides the emails. Authorized IT personnel therefore in the need to bring these files back for example a legal reason and then are able to bring them back. There is an ever changing shift towards mobile devices and texting is becoming more so popular between workers and clients. SMS secure brings that email security to SMS.

SMS secure is simple, it encrypts, stores and logs SMS, MMS and other text message with SMS secure (service) or you are able to do it yourself.

One of the biggest advantages of SMS secure is that there is the possibility for Liability Costs decreased more so in liability insurance. We are partnering with leading liability insurance firms to provide a liability discount of up to 12%.*

Currently SMS Secure is in trial and development with more in depth details will be made available soon, when we officially launch SMS Secure.

Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest

Please fill out the form below as an expression of interest, as soon as more information is available you will be contacted with a pre-launch information booklet. If you have been accepted into the trial please use your designated SMS Secure site and login details, if you have lost or misplaced these details please contact us.

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